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Seven hours with the “Master”


It could have been a better day if I could have spelled Jerry from polling his Au Sable Drift Boat, but vintage Jerry Regan wouldn’t hear of it. He controlled the boat from start to finish, caught fish in the process and together we managed to solve half the world’s problems …the other half didn’t need our immediate attention.

It was a wonderful day on the Manistee: good weather, few interruptions, willing fish – though non wanting to commit suicide. Au Sable Skunk’s were successful as were hoppers, double skunks and black, size 12 stones. The river ran just above normal and was almost gin clear; just a slight coloration from Saturday’s rain.

The section we floated was from Long’s Livery to M-72. It was my first float on that stretch but it won’t be my last. It is absolutely great water; both to look at and to fish. Thanks Jerry for sharing your boat and mind.


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