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“She Who Must Be Obeyed” had a plaque made that reads, IF YOU’R LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE A PLACE UP NORTH; YOU’R LUCKY ENOUGH! It hangs on the wall in the main room of the cabin and I read it to myself several times a day – even pronouncing the words as I do.

There are a lot of little witticisms hanging in different places, as I’m sure most people have in their cabins or homes. Some go un-noticed, but some, at one time or another, ring true and take on a meaning.

Lately, the plaque hanging on the wall is mesmerizing and becomes more mesmerizing every time I have to pack up and go home. It serves as a reminder that, although I’d rather stay, I’m fortunate to have a place to come back to anytime I want …or can. (I’ve given up arguing about not having to leave with “SWMBO”)

Seamus, too, goes through withdrawals of sorts when he sees me packing and loading the car, so to ease his pain, we go for one last romp along the Lake Michigan shoreline where he runs for about a mile in each direction, then comes back, tongue dragging, ready to “load-up” as soon as I get the hatch open.

This trip will probably end the summer since there are obligations to be met downstate, but the return will usher in a new season with different things to do.

By the time we come back, some of the leaves will have begun to turn color, a chill will be in the morning air and Seamus will expect to be the center of activity as we search for bonasa umbellus along the river I’ve called home for the past four months.

In my younger days, I tried to do it all. Now, I read and understand: IF YOU’RE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE A PLACE UP NORTH; YOU’RE LUCKY ENOUGH!



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