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Changing Gears!


fallIt’s October 1st and for some of us, marks the transition from fishing for brookies in small streams to hunting grouse and woodcock in colorful haunts that will whither day by day until the trees are skeletal figures of their former selves. It is by no means a travesty, it is a cycle that endures and re-emerges after the cold, white months that are to follow.

The colors that are now peaking are worth the trip alone …and usually makes for chance encounters in the woods, on two-tracks and along paths plotted to penetrate the canvas of natures soul piercing scenes. In other words, we have to share.

There different ways to meet the transformation that is taking place, hunting bonasa umbellus is just one. Those with boats can float the rivers – some open to fishing year-around (no possession) – others open for steelhead and salmon. Which ever method of penetrating the plethora of colors, it’s worth the trip.


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