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“Old Guys!”


If it’s true that every dog year is equal to seven in human years, then Seamus and I are almost the same age. While out-thinking myself, that little tidbit stuck in my mind and I haven’t been able to shake it.26792_105433709491307_6511273_n

It’s not that I think of myself as too old to romp the out-of-doors, In fact, I feel better than I did when I was in my 50’s. But when I apply the years to Seamus, well, my prejudices come out about “old age,” especially when I see him run up and down slopes, through brush and bog and do it until I call him off …and the reason I call him off is, I’m the one that’s tired.

Dogs have that constant energy that comes from doing what they do naturally and liking it …if fact, loving it – and doing it without thinking about it. A good example is when I approach a briar patch I look for a way around it unless there isn’t a way that will let me check the contents. Seamus, on the other hand, goes right through it checking out all corners, especially if he picks up a scent. He doesn’t think about the briars and barbs, he just charges ahead and deals with the affects later.

The other thing that separates a dog from a man is the live and let live attitude getting older bourdons you with. Seamus is just as willing to find bonasa umbellus today as he was as a pup and expects me to do my part. (I only bring up the live-and-let-live part because I need an excuse for my poor shooting.)

Young or old, as long as the enthusiasm is there, it’s all good.

See you in the woods.


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