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Aaah, deer camp!


Deer camp opens in less than two weeks and being “old school,” I’m hoping for a dusting of snow – tracking snow we used to call it. Actually, a few inches is best, that way if the temperature rises, it won’t be as prone to melt and leave you at the mercy of following a pure blood-trail.

There will be many deer camps throughout the state. Some will be a tradition that began decades ago, and in some cases passed from generations of family and friends. In any case, deer camps are an institution.

One of my favorite memories of a deer camp is the year we woke on opening morning to eight inches of hard snow that all but closed the camp from getting in or getting out. Everywhere we went, we walked – trudged. It was great. After several days, the snow let up and the two-track became passable with the help of brute strength on several occasions to push a vehicle over humps and onto the county road.

Isolated camps that get snowed in can be a real character tester ..at times a little bit of someone can go a long way. So put another log on the fire and pour another “two fingers” of libation and enjoy the solitude.



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