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Fly patterns, bamboo rods …it was all good!


Over 100 fly tiers gathered in Lansing yesterday for the annual Federation of Fly Fishers Great Lakes Council, Fly Tying Expo. It was a new location and a month earlier than in past years, but enough folks got the word to make the event worthwhile.

There were as many variations of fly patterns as crystal chandeliers in the ballroom of the Motel …I actually felt underdressed in the elegant room, but, not seeing anyone dressed in a tux, I got over it soon enough.Great Lakes Council Fly Tying Expo 2014 016

Sitting at the Michigan Fly Fishing Club table tying Hendrickson wet flies in size 12 to 16, I had more than one person squint to see the tie in the vise. I think by the time they came to our table, they had seen many larger, streamer patterns. After all, it’s steelhead season and Hendrickson wets aren’t in most peoples mind …yet.

Ties were shared, lies were told and several folks walked out with a Ron Barch bamboo fly rod.

Good time.


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