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Dinosaurs like cork


I’ve been described as being rude, crude and socially unacceptable and have the mindset of a bulldog that bites you in the ass and holds on until his teeth get tired. With that preamble in mind, let me unequivocally say, “I like cork.” Cork-Grip

Cork has been on the handle of almost every rod I’ve owned since I was old enough to figure out the “do’s” and “don’ts” of a Shakespeare level wind casting reel on a steel casting rod when I was a kid. The reel was filled with black braided line and until I got the knack of casting sidearm, would end up in a bird’s nest on every cast. But the reel handle was made of cork rings.

I know there are synthetic materials that work as well, or so I’m told, but just as shotguns – to me anyway, have to have a nice wood stock with checkering and a fine grade of bluing on the barrels – cork makes the rod complete.

Cork, to my liking, needs to look good …be all one color and grade. It doesn’t have to be the best grade, but it does have to be consistent from the top to bottom ring. Rods with different color rings to accent the grip, have me looking for a different rod. Synthetic cork, won’t do it for me.

It’s not that I can’t catch a trout on anything but a rod with a cork grip, it’s just that it loses something in the enjoyment of doing it: like hunting with a gun that looks like an assault rifle, (I had one for a while, but had to give it back when Uncle Sam let me go home.) the experience just isn’t there for me.

I suppose dinosaurs like me are the reason there are so many brands and models of rods and guns. After all, if everyone had my frame of mind, how would anyone be able to snag or poach? You just don’t throw a fine rod or shotgun into the weeds when the Game Warden sneaks up on you.

See what I mean about being a bulldog?





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