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Sell crazy somewhere else!


Ok, here’s where I get into trouble. I’ve been reading articles and posts lately about carrying a gun while fishing. To be more precise, carrying a gun openly – so others are aware that you’re carrying a gun – while standing in a river, fly casting, no less.

I am not an anti-gun proponent, but crap like this can send me in that direction if for no other reason than, seeing someone sporting a sidearm on the Holy Water, Upper Manistee, Boardman, North Branch, on my beloved Jordan, or anywhere I fish, will diminish my focus on the reason I’m there and wonder what this person carrying a gun while fishing, is afraid of?

Undoubtedly, I expect some to reply with the hue and cry of, “It’s my constitutional right.” It’s all our constitutional right, but why do it just because you can. If there is a reason for carrying a gun on the water, then hide it. Get the permits required and keep it somewhere it can’t be seen.

In this crazy politically correct time we’re living in, why invade one of the last bastions of tranquility and beauty with politics.

For my two cents, sell crazy somewhere else, I’m all stocked up.



Sell crazy somewhere else!

  1. Jon Austin says:

    I agree Sir. Happy Veterans Day!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you. To you as well.

  2. Jerry Kunnath says:

    Terry—I fully agree. If you feel you need that weapon on the water carry it concealed. Open carry at your hunt club…..sure.
    I’ve taught many people the NRA CCW classes required for same in Michigan. One of the main points I taught my students is that if a perp sees you are armed then you have lost the element of surprise and most likely they will shoot first and ask questions later.

    If one is that afraid of their safety on the water then carry concealed. I have a number of friends who have their CCW’s and carry everywhere its legal to do so—-none of them would carry open—especially on the water. We have talked about it. it’s intimidating to say the least.

  3. Greg says:

    Standing in the trout stream is tantamount to going to heaven and anyone that disturbs that tranquility should find a very very deep hole to wade into.

  4. Brian Koz says:

    Agree!! Far too many individuals I know who carry, shouldn’t, and then add a touch of alcohol or machismo and you have taken away the peace and serenity that is constitutionally MINE or my clients when we are floating on the river and someone feels the need to ‘shoot off’ a few rounds…
    Tight Lines,

    1. admin says:

      Hopefully common sense wins out, Brian.

  5. Dan Keifer says:

    Thanks for your post about this, Terry. I agree with you completely.

    And some great comments here, esp guns don’t belong in one of the last bastions of tranquility.

  6. Dirk Fischbach says:


  7. Mark Bear says:

    I saw the articles and posts you referred to and decided to not go there. I’ve never encountered this on my home water but have numerous times elsewhere. I once met a real estate buyer at the Old Au Sable Fly Shop to take him out for showings. He was packing on his hip and I refused to take him out. It was my constitutional right!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, Mark, for sharing.

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