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Stop teasing me and load up the car!


I think Seamus has figured out that we’re heading North for one last go at bonasa umbellus after Christmas. Everywhere I go he’s there: following so close when I stop he runs into me; or lying at my feet when I sit, usually touching me in some way. It’s been almost a month since we’ve been in the woods and for this time of year, that’s an oddity. It’s time for the both of us.DSC_0277

This will probably be the last hunt …unless some kind soul invites me on a rabbit hunt over a brace of beagles, because my thoughts have been wondering to wadding in the Jordan, trying to outwit brookies. I’ve been tying flies for the opener and a couple of grouse skins will help.

It’s funny how repeating yourself , tying the same flies in the same patterns you’ve been tying every year for the past 40 or so years, turn into new patterns as it takes a few to get them the way you want them. This year, I’ve decided – probably because I’m getting more and more set in my ways – to stick to what I’ve identified as staple, basic patterns that produce for me fairly consistently, and are made with fur, feathers and yarn. In other words, if a pattern requires something that had to be chemically made, I’m going to avoid it. We’ll see how long that goes.

At any rate, the countdown is on until the trout opener in April. Only 124 days to go!


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