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You never know when a memory is being made!


“She Who Must Be Obeyed” has a plaque above the archway to the den that says, ‘You never know when a memory is being made!’ It’s just one of those knick-knacks you buy on the spur of the moment because it sounds profound at the time, or cute or ballsy. This one struck a chord because of the grandkids.

Those of you who have grandkids know that having them around is like opening a family album and reliving old memories – memories you’ve forgotten or at least don’t think about often. When the grandkids are around, they turn back time to when their parents were them and sometimes it’s an eye-opener for me of just how mellow I’ve become; things I’d have been up-tight about then, don’t faze me at all now …maybe it’s because I know they’ll be going home at some point, or maybe it gives me pleasure to watch their parents squirm like I used to.

Memories are made all the time – some planned, some not – some just so memorable they make a lasting impression. As you get on in years, memories become important: They are a time capsule of your existence …a mark you leave on someone.

Last month I took my grandson, Josh, into Orvis. I showed him the fly rods and instinctively he went right for the H2s. (At 10 years old, he already has good taste.) Of course, there is no way he’s getting a $795 rod. The fact is however, he already has one, he just doesn’t know it …and won’t for some time yet.

When the time comes, when he gets the rod, it will come with memories; I just hope I can remember to pass them on.


You never know when a memory is being made!

  1. John D. says:

    excellent piece Terry. well said…

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