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Finally, a place to buy feathers!


hacklesOver the past few months I’ve been asked where good quality dry-fly capes can be bought without mortgaging the kids. It seems the southeast corner of the state has few fly shops and fewer that have a good selection of capes. Of course, there are plenty of on-line sites that offer capes …some really good ones too, but buying feathers for size and quality is a hands-on necessity; at least for me.

This Saturday and Sunday, the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo will have over 100 venders that deal exclusively in fly fishing “stuff.” Aside from the usual name brands, there will be venders that offer hundreds of capes of all sizes and quality at prices you won’t find in a chain store fly shop.

The event is held at Macomb Community College located at 12 Mile and Hayes in the  Sports Arena. Check it out and stock up.



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