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Why spoil the beauty of the thing?


Several years ago on a fly-in fishing trip to Kellow Lake in Canada – a place so remote it had only one cabin on the Lake and was only accessible by water or air – I learned that despite its remoteness, some visitors before us needed to leave their mark by writing on the cliffs surrounding the lake. _51715088_photoforrelease-16-03-11-graffitivandalismatcoastalbeautyspot

It must have been a chore to climb up on the ledges of those glacier carved rocks, but through ingenuity and probably after several beers, they did and wrote their names and where they were from for all to see until the next glacier comes through and scrapes off the graffiti.

The marring of the cliffs didn’t spoil the fishing, but it did take away from the natural beauty of the place, making it just a little less wild. And it’s not that I’m totally immune from such vanity (I did carve my son’s and my initials and date on a two by four in the cabin) but damn it, I know we leave footprints, but must we leave the shoe size and brand too?

What brought on this bout of grousing was photos of guide boats (drift boats) floating on a trout stream, painted like Indy 500 race cars covered with sponsor names and logos over every square inch. And while it doesn’t take away from the fishing, for me, it takes away from the ambience of the experience.

I know guiding is a business; and the more a guide gets the word out, the more business comes his way. But I sure hope no one ever gets the great idea of putting anything other than the boat’s name on an Au Sable Long Boat.

Just me being a dinosaur again.



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