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The nose knows!


Finally, after waiting out the long cold frozen winter and early spring, the steep two track leading to Seamus’ favorite spot along Lake Michigan is ice free. (But not rut free.) The little Focus made it down the hill and over most of the ruts and finally to the clearing where the “adventure” begins.DSC_0530

Pools of water dot the beach and branches and driftwood cover the dunes. It hasn’t been long since the last ice vanished, but it won’t be long before the storms churn up waves that will clean the beach and establish a skirmish line separating the tall rough grass from the damp sand holding stones and rocks – some of which are the mosaic looking Petoskey Stones.

Seamus covered the beach like a flushing dog quarters a field of corn stubble. He was here, there, and then here again. He came to a sudden halt and turned so fast his hind legs almost collapsed. He found a snake. The snake made straight for the opening under the rock and disappeared. Seamus had to be called off, he was having a ball.


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