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This social media is great. I mean, think about it, you used to have to wait until you got to a fishing location to hear from the guy in the fly shop, “Man you should have been here yesterday …or better yet, last week.” Now, with the advent of instant communication, you can get facebooked, twitted, (tweeted?) or emailed the latest conditions. 20140505_134901

Not only are the fishing reports water specific, but most notifications come complete with a person holding a fish so far in front of them, they look like a Ripley’s Believe it or Not candidate. Of course, most of those in the picture are guides …go figure.

So those just waiting for the word, jump in the fish car – which is already packed – and head to where the stars are aligned just right and the piscatorial Gods are smiling.

Of course, the trip involves travel time, so don’t be too surprised when the guy in the fly shop tells you, “You should have been here an hour ago, man were they hitting,”

Gotta go now, the Jeep’s running.


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